A selection of powerful news photographs taken around the world this week as people react to the spread of the coronavirus.

Passengers determined to avoid the coronavirus before leaving the UK arrive at Gatwick Airport departure area.Image copyright Mike Hewitt / Getty images
Image caption Passengers determined to avoid coronavirus arrive at Gatwick Airport departure area.
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A senior citizen gets the last pack of toilet rolls at Sainsbury's Supermarket in Northwich, United KingdomImage copyright Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Image caption A woman gets the last pack of toilet rolls at Sainsbury’s supermarket in Northwich, United Kingdom. A queue of approximately 600 pensioners had formed before the shop opened at 07:00 with the first hour reserved for elderly and vulnerable people. Many stores have introduced limits on what people can buy to try to curb stockpiling of popular items.
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Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro adjusts his protective face maskImage copyright Adriano Machado/REUTERS
Image caption Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro adjusts his face mask during a news conference to announce measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.
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People on a bus in Rio de JaneiroImage copyright Ricardo Moraes / Reuters
Image caption In the capital of Brazil, photographer Ricardo Moraes caught this picture of passengers crowded on to a public bus.
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Priest Carlos Enrique Leal holds MassImage copyright David Ramos / Getty images
Image caption At an empty Santa Maria de Betlem church in Barcelona, Spain, priest Carlos Enrique Leal celebrates Mass as it is live-streamed via Youtube to his parishioners.
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Traders work on the floorImage copyright Bryan R Smith / AFP
Image caption Traders at the New York Stock Exchange look on as stocks continue to fall around the world.
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Ronen Zvulun / ReutersImage copyright Ronen Zvulun / Reuters
Image caption Israeli couple Roni Ben-Ari and Yonatan Meushar celebrate their marriage at the Ein Hemed Forest Wedding Venue which is offering free, small-scale weddings for young couples whose plans have been disrupted by the restrictions imposed by the government to fight coronavirus.
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Personal trainer Antonietta Orsini carries out an exercise classImage copyright Remo Casilli / Reuters
Image caption With many Italians unable to leave their homes, personal trainer Antonietta Orsini carries out an exercise class for her neighbours from her balcony in Rome.
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A woman waits to take Covid-19 testImage copyright Mohamed Hossam / EPA
Image caption A woman waits to take Covid-19 test at the Central Public Health Laboratories in Cairo, Egypt.
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A sign tells people to "Keep calm and carry on gardening"Image copyright Christopher Furlong / Getty Images
Image caption A sign tells people to “Keep calm and carry on gardening” outside the Burleydam Garden Centre in Ellesmere Port, England.

All photographs belong to the copyright holders as marked.


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