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An unmanned cargo rocket has exploded seconds after lifting off from a commercial launch pad in Virginia.

The 14-story rocket, was built and launched by Orbital Sciences Corp and took off from its seaside launch pad just after 22:20GMT.

The moment was caught live on BBC News.

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  1. I reckon that a seal failed between the two parts of the rocket, because you can see smoke coming out at 0:32. I reckon the leak caused the second stage to ignite and blew up the rocket.

  2. Its simply statistics people, for all the successful launches there are, there is bound to be at least one failure every now and then. No one ever seems to give two shits about the numerous successful launches, but one mistake is made and suddenly this is just a "stupid waste of money". Makes me thankful none of you people make the decisions around here, every time there was a failure we'd give up on something completely.

  3. By definition rockets are dangerous. Explosions and failures do happen in other countries also. Russian rocked Proton exploded in 2013 losing expensive cargo. Chinese rocket fell on a village in 1996 killing people. Disasters happen everywhere


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