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  1. Then after the meal, she took him out in the cold and left him outside to freeze to death, The moral of the story of the stories is don't count your chickens before they hatch.

  2. Oh yes, my travels get detoured and I just go with it. Takes faith, patience and listening to that gut feeling 🙂 I'm still here for some reason. Had heart failure, EMS jump started me five times. Then had a deck rail brake, fell 13 ft and did a head plant into concrete, that was five years ago and lots of doctors said that should have ended my life. So lots of interesting gifts some good some life changing. 🙂 God bless all.

  3. I was homeless once in a shelter with 45 men and 17 women we were searched scared and hungry. God saw me through it. I am now the grand father of 18 grands . I still don't have much but rich in God's eyes.

  4. What she said is so true. God lead me to you!! You'll may thing I'm crazy but I dont care. I think God have people come across other people for a reason. Could be for the smallest thing. But he lead them together for a reason. Could be for just a moment or a life time. But it's TRUE. He leads us to each other to help, teach, learn something you dont know it tell it happens.

  5. One day I was driving and I looked out the side window and saw a young man and a dog sitting on the sidewalk. It was winter and was freezing outside. I could not pull over because all the parking spots were filled up.

    My heart was aching for this young man and his pet. I had to go around the corner and turned down a side street to find a parking spot,
    I always kept a blanket in my car in the winter, just in case something ever happened to my car and I was left sitting in the cold.

    I grabbed that blanket and brought it over to him and covered him up.
    I was able to drive right past him again but he took that blanket and put it around his dog. My heart sank. How I wished I had had two blankets.

    This kindness I had learned from my husband.
    One day my husband brought a homeless man to our home. I remember how frightened I was. This was a stranger and I thought probably a drug addict.

    We fed him and gave him some clothing and money and then my husband drove him back to the center of the city were he wanted to go.

    My husband was from a rich family , but at an early age he felt very sorry for the homeless.
    No one in his his family were like he was. He was kind giving and caring.

    Remember, the homeless are people just like you and me. Some are on the streets due to their own choice and others not their fault. But they are flesh and blood like the rest of us.

    There is an old saying….WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND."

  6. It's such a beautiful video meant for each and every single one of those people who think,, their's no one superior to us…And it also shows that good deeds never go in vain..Someday or the other we get fruit as sweet as honey…..Truly u are Lovely TV…….Amazing video….


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