In an exclusive broadcast interview in Downing Street, the prime minister has told the BBC that she will leave the job with a “mixture of pride and disappointment”.

Speaking to BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg, Theresa May said that she didn’t “recognise” herself in the criticisms made of her during her time in the job. But she admitted that she had “underestimated” divisions in Parliament.

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  1. she does not strike me as being British – Brits like clean fight (I got gloves on you've got yours sort of thing). But she – she is more like a baby that fell out of a skunk's nest.

  2. I think both camera guys are drunk or seriously inept at doing their jobs! About what most people expect from the BBC though so good job at being horrible at your job! BTW the EU does not like the UK they like power and money which is why leaving is so hard because they are worse than dealing with Russia during the Cold War! But hiding behind telling the world that the EU is friends with the UK! Lies lies and more lies!

  3. Hi BBC, Thank you, thank you, thank you….this video clip inspired myself and young Reuben (aged 10) to put together this message to Theresa May to go 'ON CAMERA" and STAND for WORLD PEACE BY 2020 before she steps down today? How about the BBC gets AN EXCLUSIVE?! PASS IT ON! YOU'RE IT! #WORLDPEACEBY2020#PASSITON#YOUREIT#WP2020#SHARETHEDREAM#OCEANSHORESTV #BADGEMEUP#CHARLESCRAWSHAW#CAUSINGCAUSING#LANDMARKWORLDWIDE#WISDOMCOURSE#RABBITS1963#birminghamcg22 #Birmingham2022




    FRIDAY 19 July 2019


    Subject: Good morning from Australia and BRWELCOME; the new BREXIT! 27 CALLS LATER!

    Hi Theresa,

    Apart from being an EXCELLENT SECOND FEMALE PRIME MINISTER, please declare some legacies you are proud of establishing for WOMEN in POLITICS.

    With the repetitive "BREXIT" on the International media, I invite your female staffers in your office to make 27 CALLS TODAY and start a BRWELCOME CONVERSATION with all 27 EU Nations FEMALE LEADERS/FIRST LADIES and One Gay Partner , asking three things each country can contribute to one another? BEAUTIFULLY BRITISH and yes Theresa, I too am a proud Briton with dual nationality setting down here in Australia since 1988.

    The 27 Nations Female Leaders as I know it (it may need updating)

    Austria Doris Schmidauer

    Belgium Amelie Derbaudrenghien

    Bulgaria Tsvetelina Borislavova

    Croatia Jakov Kitarović

    Cyprus Andri Anastasiades

    Czech Republic Ivana Zemanová

    Denmark Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark

    Estonia Georgi-Rene Maksimovski

    Finland Jenni Elina Haukio

    France Brigitte Macron

    Germany Elke Büdenbender

    Greece Vlassia Pavlopoulou-Peltsemi

    Hungary Anita Herczegh

    Ireland Sabina Mary Coyne

    Italy Olivia Paladino

    Latvia Iveta Vējone

    Lithuania Silvija Skvernele

    Luxembourg Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

    Malta Edgar Preca

    Netherlands Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

    Poland Agata Kornhauser-Duda

    Portugal Fernanda Tadeu

    Romania Carmen Johannis

    Slovakia Martina Kisková

    Spain Letizia of Spain

    Sweden Queen Silvia of Sweden

    I will send through a video made by young Reuben (aged 10) over the weekend to nurture your LOVING SPIRIT.



    PS Will you join the QUEENS PEACE PROJECT and go on camera this weekend and stand for WORLD PEACE BY 2020 PLEASE? A private press conference maybe or one to record and release later?

  5. I think someone who showed courage to lead the Country at the crucial time of referendum and now almost stabilised (with or without brexit deal in the parliament) the politics (from outside world view) to take its own rightful decision, she endured the most crucial non-war time of any prime minister with full conviction and nationality spirit. With this, I shall congratulate her for an endearing service and wish her for future discourse. – Right and Ethical Politics – From India. Thank you

  6. Ok. Theresa May as a human being. But a human being working for the dark side of intergenerational wealth and concentrated corporate money power.

  7. Brexit was not in the dictionary of Margaret Thatcher. In fact Ms. Thatcher paved the way for the build up of the European Union. Would it had led to another Vietnam 🇻🇳 war? Well eventually it led to the Syria war. What happened to the European corporations? Well eventually the Deutsche Bank broke and Wolks Wagon Beetle stopped its production. So who was far sighted? Margaret Thatcher or Elizebeth May? Why would Canadians pay more dollars for a pair of socks when it is available in the Dollar store for just $1.25? Ms. Thatcher wouldn’t have cared. She could not imagine that Globalism would not fit in one’s pocket eventually.

    Don’t try to sell climate change in Canada.


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