PM Theresa May talks to Andrew Marr about the upcoming General Election.

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  1. The BBC cut the ending. He kept asking her if she would've voted differently and she kept saying she can't answer a hypothetical question and repeating her regurgitated slogans. The he asked her to least admit Jeremy Corbyn was right on Iraq (and foreign policy in general) and she was wrong. She kept regurgitating her slogans to the point that Marr said goodbye to the audience while she was still talking, rushing to get her regurgitated statement in full before the cameras cut. It was hilarious. And the BBC cut it. So much for not being biased. I hope you get fired. Or least get a pay cut. You protected Jimmy Saville. And now you're protecting this war criminal who "lost" evidence incriminating another peadophile.

  2. It's staggering… she doesn't listen.. her tactic of just talking as much as she could to stop him asking questions was obvious!.. ..she just projects what she thinks we want to here… and cant even do that at times.. this is OUR PRIME MINISTER????.. lol

  3. Hey Englishmen, how much your Theresa May will poison citizens in England and stupidly dump everything on Russia , for whom such primitive propaganda is designed , is the mentality of the British so limited , only announced that they poisoned the Violins and then your Teresa declares that this is Russia – as primitive . You do not think that for the sake of this cheap propaganda , it can sacrifice any of you immediately announce that it is Russia's fault . )

  4. Can we run the Government like Big Brother and vote our least favourite polititian out of office on a weekly basis, except instead of just kicking them out, we we take all their money and assets off them as well and see how they like living on benefits with no possible way out, like some of us. Let's see how hard working they are. I would bankrupt my phone credit constantly voting for : Theresa May, Ian Duncan Smith, William Hague and Esther Mcvey. Or just execute them.

  5. Teresa may is a disgrace who has lied by omission and now has profited off of the murder of vulnerable civilians of the UK
    Now her husband has profited off the deaths of Syrians . Makes me ashamed to be British .

  6. 政府広報の演説とインタヴューの違いを知る。BBCの人柄引き出し術は一流に思います。心理療法など手法を持つ司会者を起用しているのでしょうか、BBCはロンドン王立協会と提携して各国首相のインタヴューに臨むのでしょうか。BBC-The President, Council, and Fellows of the Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge Scrum、すごいな。日本ではNHKがどこと提携するのか知りたいな。

  7. She is very brave, very thorough and an extremely important woman, working diligently toward our democratically voted break from the ever over-reaching EU. God has gifted her the most vital skill set to handle this impending transition; just as He has gifted the same, for the powerful President Trump, for America, as they are facing the same societal problems as we.

  8. Brexit  is deliberately being made complex, costly and prolonged. An awful lot of people are making an awful lot of money (out of us the British tax payers) from the proceedings. To believe otherwise is naïve in the extreme.
    Teresa May the Queen of platitudes but its all B/S., the worst PM in the last 80 years, this useless Custer Fuck needs to stand down, and be replaced ASAP,  Jacob Rees-Mogg  would be my choice.

  9. My brain automatically filters out bullshit. It's something I've developed over the years – a protection mechanism perhaps? Either way, when she talks, very little goes in because 90% of what she says is meaningless.


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