The Secret Life of Cats – [National Geographic] Documentary.
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Traditionally, historians tended to think ancient Egypt was the site of cat domestication. However, in 2004, a Neolithic grave excavated in Cyprus contained the skeletons, laid close to one another, of both a human and a cat. The grave is estimated to be 9,500 years old, pushing back the earliest known feline–human association significantly. The cat specimen is large and closely resembles the African wildcat, rather than present-day domestic cats.

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  1. this is a bunch of Animal Bull. this is stupid! Animals ( like cats) are hunters, so they are going to hunt!
    besides, things like wild rabbits, there are WAY to many of them!
    you guys, whoever you are.
    i hope someday you will GROW UP !

  2. I have 5 cats and only two of them hunt with any regularity, one doesn’t hunt at all…..she a little too rotund to move fast enough. I have a blind one that somehow still manages to snatch shrews and moths. My boy waffles is a rather prolific hunter, he brings us squirrels and rats quite frequently.

  3. Also, wtf is wrong with y'alls cats in the UK?! I've had cats as pets my entire life, and they have never killed a single creature. Let alone bringing mice, rabbits, and birds on a daily basis. Hell, my cats have been pretty terrified of anything that movies. Flies, spiders, birds, a piece of fuzz blowing in the wind.

  4. What is wrong with hunting for wild life, as long as they are no endangered, it should be OK. animals kill one another. It is designed by the GOD, if you religious, or the nature, if you are atheist.

  5. I strongly disagree with the points made about cats and the solutions told. The solution is to stop the unessisary birth of kittens, Dexex them and open up some land as a Fenced cat reserve where there are no critically endangered animals and replenish rodents for the cats. Imagine this large 1000 acre land being a tourism and educational opportunity.

    Guests could feed the neutered cats in a lush rainforest setting. Reserves could hold Tens of Thousands of netured cats, once a pest , now a tourism mecca of healthy monitored cats and watch them for a lifetime. Killing cats will never be viable long-term solution, that makes it our duty of care to; understand that we brought cats into every corner on Earth, we cant reverse it, but we sure can work with nature to natralize feral cats as much as we can, nature always recovered if we act quickly. Poisoning cats, treating them like vermin does far more ecological damage than any colony of cats as hatred gets fueld . 100 times more untargeted innocent mammals and birds perrish, when there is better ways to naturalize cats and train wildlife to avoid them.

  6. WOW – and a kid removing a kitten from its mother several weeks before it is old enough for weaning, is not commented at all! Shame on you!!! And then the disgusting american attitude towards living creatures – declawing! How can you even get the thought??

  7. Alright so these barbaric people are out here shooting cats because "they are invasive and are destroying wild life" but WE as humans are responsible for A LOT of endangered, vulnerable, and extinct species of animal… WE are responsible for letting these beautiful creatures out in the wild because we got bored or are no longer interested… Miss me with the bs.


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