One hundred years ago today women finally won the right to vote. The Representation of the People Act meant that women over 30 who owned property could at last have their say. It was a right that was fought for and won by the suffragette movement. It was a movement that began in Manchester. Its leader was Emmeline Pankhurst. Our Correspondent Elaine Dunkley looks back at her legacy.

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  1. They want to work as men have equal pay as men. But, during divorce settlements they have no problem playing the weak,vulnerable, abused emotionally, mentally and was suppressed women! Where did all that I'm a strong women go?!

  2. Erm, a number of those Suffragettes were explicitly racist – they were not fighting for black or Asians 'womens right to vote' but and overtly separatists as they saw the involvement of women from different ethnicities in Britain as 'dragging back the pace' of their movement. Not sure having a token black and asian woman here is actually representative of what the suffragettes were actually about – the advancement of WHITE WOMEN.

  3. wow, so many ignorant. ooh look, and misogynistic remarks in this comment section… did any of you ever actually learn anything anytime? you all suck at historical facts. people are laughing at you.

  4. The next time the BBC News is reporting from a memorial remembering the victims of a terrorist attack, just remember the BBC celebrates some terrorists. The Suffragettes were middle-class female terrorists who did appalling things and probably did more to delay women getting the vote than win it for them

  5. They really didn’t win anything, men gave it to them, most of them didn’t really wanted it. Feminism has been men’s greatest and worst creation!

    Great at because it relieved us of certain burdens and in the later years it gave us easy sex without the necessity of getting married best of all these dumb ones are willing to give us a free pass the responsibility of if they were to get pregnant!

    Worst because it cause all the problems with have in Our society.

    But, upbeat! Sex without commitment and being able to nut in them without worrying about children it’s awesome!


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