Theresa May is trying to reassure people in Northern Ireland that she can secure a Brexit deal that avoids a hard border with Ireland.

In a speech to business leaders in Belfast, the PM pledged to secure a deal with the EU that “commands broad support” and a majority in parliament.

The DUP leader, Arlene Foster, said the “toxic backstop” remained the problem.

Brussels was “unfortunately turning their face against that” and needed respect for unionism in NI, she added.

Mrs Foster spoke out as the European Commission confirmed the prime minister will visit Brussels on Thursday for talks with its president Jean-Claude Juncker.

This follows a visit by Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar on Wednesday.

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  1. Eh yeah Mrs. May the people of Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. You are being held to ransom by 10 DUP politicians who first of all detest the Good Friday Agreement and have wanted it torn up since it was created in International Law 20 years ago and I recently watched a video on youtube where Arlene Foster said that as long as she was in power and the DUP was running things in the North there would never be a border poll or a United Ireland!! That doesn't sound like someone who works for their electorate that sounds like someone who wants power and control and has realized that the only way to get it is to create division and reignite old hostility's hence the reason the devolved government has not sat since the DUP caused it's collapse with their botched green energy scandal.

  2. The people of Ulster in Ireland need to understand that You're NOT the only ones who don't like the monarchy influence in any shape or form, in Irish Ulster or in England. I wouldn't mind seeing a united Ireland (don't believe I'm saying that) for as long as some sort of fair democratic vote is carried out that involves the people on the Island of Ireland, as this shows disrespect for the monarchy and that if Ireland gets united, pretty much very likely Scotland will follow suit. The term "British" as always predominately associated with upper class white English elites, who more or less support the suffering of people, oppressiveness and occupying nature of an Empire.

  3. It’s like The ‘Brit’s’ in NI simply don’t want to admit that their ancestors were colonizers and invaders. Here’s an idea, if you still identify as British, why don’t you move back to Britain??

  4. British Refugees Welcome LOL Theresa fucked it up totally, this will end terrible. Doesn’t matter, Angela Merkel handle over a million War Refugees in Germany, in Spain we can handle a million British Brexit Refugees. British Refugees Welcome, we got anyway already 300.000 Drunk British Expats in Spain.

  5. The government has concentrated so much energy and resources on Brexit and it didn't achieve anything so far. What about other needs people have? Education, NHS, jobs… this government is a bad joke!

  6. This woman is evil to the core
    120-000 sick and the disabled have commit suicide under these Tory's
    NHS they have ruined it
    homeless on the rise my town is a ghost town from our shops closing ever day
    Teresa May is a liar how do she sleep at night

  7. 5 yrs from now and The Queen will see with her own eyes The Fall of her own Empire : United Rep. of Ireland and Republic of Scotland… then she will rest in peace, followed by the refuse of Prince Charles to became a King of Unknown Kingdom!

  8. What part of "No more negotiations" don't you all in the UK get??
    May cannot do any better, period. If you want to blame someone, blame the guy who was foolish enough to call for a referendum vote!
    The UK made its bed, but does not want to sleep in it.
    This whole thing is really quite simple: You voted to get out, now, get out — and stop asking the 27 other countries you are screwing for favors.

  9. You British needed to understand what the hell you were voting for and what the consequences were. It seems Irish backstop wasn't even mentioned, and people just followed each other and voted leave. Now it is all real now and there are many issues that needed to be settled to fix this nonsense.

  10. The government caused brexit by allowing close to a million polish people into the country and then lying about it ! Poles have overrun small towns all over England and you can't blame the locals for revolting.
    And many minority's remember Poles writing letters to the home office asking not to be placed in areas with minority's !

    Hence this led to a coalition of white English , minority's and some racist groups voting to exit !

  11. Japan has long been a fraudulent bankruptcy crime! It forces it to the governments of other countries, and it is in a state of trouble to the imperial family! 日本国は、昔から詐欺破産犯罪なんだよ!それを他国の政府にも強制し、王室にも迷惑をかけている状態なんだよ!

  12. My family abused my seal and signed the government's documents. The Japanese government conceals it. The United Nations of Japan hides it. I am explaining! But they will make me slave!

  13. 【Emergency】Currently, domestic hog cholera is prevalent. If somepeople are importing pork from Japan, please say that your country's UN and your country's governments refuse the import to protect the people. 現在、日本国内では豚コレラが流行しています。もしも日本国から豚肉を輸入しているのであれば国民を守るために輸入を断ると言ってください。

  14. Do not rely on the system too much! To be told, do you want me to investigate the people who made the system? システムに頼り過ぎないで!と言われるという事は、システムを作った国民を調べて欲しいという事?


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