Draco89123’s guide to survival endless:


Plants vs Zombies is probably my favorite game I’ve played in a long long time!

After trying many times, I’ve finally arrived at a PVZ:SE endgame that goes the distance. I manage to survive past flag 76 with all my plants mostly intact and kept a mostly close to maximum sun while I was at it. Took me 3 hours in one sitting to get there.

It wasn’t, however, without setbacks – I have two of such setbacks shown here in this video. But still, the build has got me really far. I wonder how much farther I can go…

EDIT: Part 1 of the continuation where I finish up to level 100 is here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anldCwBBbWY



  1. guys mine is 122 it was deleted though search plants vs zombies flags 119-122 you dont need to cheat and watch mine ill make a video on how to do it if someone could give me the link to get camstudio

  2. I made a version of your strategy but with Umbrella leaves on 1st and 6 lanes first space and lanes 2 and 5 4th space. It also has ladders on the second and third spaces of lanes 1,2,5 and 6 and no gold magnets with ice shrooms instead.

  3. Lum Miao Sen, I say this is hard and I'm not a noob. My tree of wisdom is 1060 feet tall. I have just about every plant you can get in the zen garden. I completed the almanac. I have the silver and gold sunflower trophies.

  4. you should sell these sun plants  in late game, u had 9k sun, do not really need that much on late in the game, already thought about using the tower of garlic in the beginning? is much more easy to defend, just need to hold 3 lanes and rest is gaining sun is the best start to do very fast sun.


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