Stratfor explains how Pakistan’s borders, which do not correspond to natural geographic boundaries, shape the country.

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  1. Well it's not accurate map of Pakistan,,,,, The rest of the Kashmir maybe under the influence of cruel and ignorant indian army but their heart beats with Pakistan,,,, Indian army is rapping childrens and murdering innocents in the illegally occupied side and labeling them as terrorists just because they want independence from those shitheads

  2. Pakistan was been from Afghanistan and Britain separate it we will give it and start war with pakistan government and we will win we will get it like we beat russian and britain we will win pakistan also

  3. I visited pakistan last spring. It was really beautiful and peaceful. Especially the northern areas. The people were friendly as well, which was a pleasant surprise.

  4. Fun fact:the name ‘India’ derives from the river Indus, which is in Pakistan and at the border of that Pashtun area within Pakistan that you showed.

    Historically(well prior to the British and even the Mughal’s) everything west of Indus was considered part of Afghanistan/central Asia and everything east was considered to be part of India.

  5. If Pakistani Punjab divided into separate Country its groth rate is equal to Germany. Pakistani Panjabis are feeding entire Pakistan people and 80% contribution of Pakistan economy.

  6. To mention few more issues.
    The Afghanistan border is porous and afghanistan hasnt recognized Pakistan yet.

    The same issue with Balochistan the border was also drawn in 1919, the border separates balochistan from sistan, both have baloch population. That border is also porous. And realtion with Iran is also bitter-sweet, because of sectarian issues.
    Along with india, we all know that, however its a bit secure since both have large number of armies there. The sindh side is all desert and contains indus river delta so its secure in that sense. Punjab is densely populated like 55% of pakistan lives in punjab and majority of it lives along indian border so any war there is an Urban war so its safe there. Same goes for india though indian punjab is alos densely populated near border. The only threat that comes is from Kashmir, but any conflict there will favor the defensive forces because of the terrain.
    The only security Pakistan feels is from North where it borders China.

    Pakistan is mostly insecure from all sides, its unfortunate that we have less area but much more border area, hence we have large millitary force and it takes a huge chunk of the budget. But it is neccesary since we dont have unpredictable relations with all of our neighbours.

  7. Good presentation. Especially the accurate portrayals, in the thumbnail as well as towards the end, of Pakistan's true borders, as per the original principles of Partition of British India. Keep up the objective and good work !


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