New figures obtained by BBC News show police forces across England and Wales are charging fewer people with knife crime, though the number of offences is on the rise.
Our special correspondent Ed Thomas has been out to witness the shocking reality of knife crime on the streets of our capital.

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  1. I’m from Chicago where everyone has guns including myself. My 3 are legal but most aren’t. You here and see the chaos of gun violence every day no matter where you are in this city. Quite frankly I hate them but between my Glock 17, 40 Cal. Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer P229 and my body armor/bullet proof vest I always feel safe no matter where am in this war zone.

  2. Yeah and it’s the blacks who are the origins of it all. Look at gta games/gangster games. They are the influence on the whites. You see most of them on here it’s mostly blacks!

  3. This is when you wish the purge was real, I would literally murder a bag of them in one night trust me. I'm black, but i wouldn't give two fucks what nationality or race they were because they all need to be wiped out, while the pathetic parents cry when they're 6 feet deep. I grew up in East London Hackney, so I'm all too familiar with this hood lifestyle.

    Sometimes I wonder how a regime like North Korea can be completely looked down upon, when it works!. Our government need to hire that crazy mf lol things will sure change because the ones in power here, live in safety and luxury while innocent people have to defend themselves just to stay alive.

  4. im 17 and carry a knife at nights its not as violent as in london here but there is still lots of things going on and i dont use it for crimes only for my own protection
    still i will get fucked if i get caught

  5. Fam they only pick on people that are alone , theres no gang in Uk , all you have there are gangsta wannabe's. Them kids carry knifes cause they wanna seem hard and act like they are.. I always see peoole like this in groups vs one innocent person but in reality , when theyre alone they wont bother doing shit to you..

  6. If the cops and the government won't do anything eventually a criminal gang will move in and restore order for a very high price in protection. A Mafia-like crew will be both feared and welcomed.

  7. For those denying that this happens cause of immigrants and non white citizens I'm from Greece and we have a lot of immigrants and at least 80-90% of most crimes are commited by immigrants and non white people..

  8. So many racists in the comments! Do you not realise that convicted paedophiles are almost exclusively white males in the UK?? In America, mass shootings are almost exclusively done by white men! It's easy to point fingers though and blame immigration for all issues…


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