Image caption Most of Monday’s papers show the Queen at the annual Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph in London, with the Mail’s splash appearing to show Her Majesty wiping tears from her eyes as she watched the commemorations. The newspaper leads on a pledge by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to change the law to protect Northern Ireland veterans.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph also carries a story on the Conservatives’ pledge, which it claims will be included in the party’s manifesto. The PM will promise to change the Human Rights Act to “provide a presumption against prosecution for historical offences” in order to bring an end to “the unfair trials” of soldiers, the paper says. It adds that the current draft of the party’s manifesto includes a promise to end “ongoing… prosecutions”.
Image caption Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror unveils an £845m pledge by Labour to ensure every child has access to mental health support at school. Qualified counsellors will be recruited for all schools and a network of drop-in hubs will help 300,000 more children, the paper says.
Image caption The Duchess of Cambridge is pictured alongside the Queen at the Cenotaph on the front page of the Guardian – other senior royals and politicians were also at the ceremony. The paper’s lead claims a Cabinet Office report shows almost half of all rape victims are dropping out of investigations, with the paper citing reasons including “invasive disclosure demands” and “delays bringing cases to court”.
Image caption The Times’ front page focuses on Chancellor Sajid Javid defending Conservative claims over the cost of Labour’s policies, which sparked a row. John McDonnell condemned the analysis, based on Labour’s 2017 manifesto and further pledges made since, as “fake news”. On Sunday, Mr Javid said the figures were a “reasonable” assessment of Labour’s commitments to date.
Image caption “The poppy parade ambush” is the Metro’s headline, after a man disrupted a Remembrance Sunday event with fireworks. They were launched from a window ledge as hundreds of people observed a two-minute silence at 11:00 GMT in Salford.
Image caption Elsewhere, the i newspaper’s front page says the government remains under pressure to release a report on alleged Russian interference in the UK. It comes after after the Sunday Times claimed nine Russian business people who have donated money to the Conservative Party were named in the document.
Image caption The Daily Express claims new figures on Monday will show the UK’s economy grew by 0.4% between July and September – after data showed the economy shrank by 0.2% in the previous quarter.
Image caption The Sun’s front page shows nurse Talia Keates with her “little miracles” – the world’s tiniest twin boys, the paper says. Ashley and Joe each weighed less than 1lb when they were born at 23 weeks.
Image caption The Financial Times claims the European Central Bank president, Christine Lagarde, will face calls for an overhaul of how it decides monetary policy. Ms Lagarde, who took on the role at the start of the month, has invited senior colleagues to present ideas on how to improve the central bank’s internal discussions.
Image caption And finally, the Daily Star says British sitcom Phoenix Nights could be making a comeback after one of its stars, Paddy McGuinness, said the whole cast including Peter Kay would like to make a new series. The TV show aired its final episode in 2002.

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