Stratfor explains how the failure to align Mozambique’s borders with ethnic boundaries, coupled with recent discoveries of natural resources, will test the country’s unity.

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  1. Tensions are not ethnic but geographical. Those in the north think the country is being run for Southerners. Ethnic groups in Moz get along just fine, politicians fuck it up.

  2. IMO, Mozambique should move the capital to central area due Maputo's close proximity with South Africa & eSwatini.
    I think Malawi should unite with Mozambique for further expansion and economic purpose.
    Greetings from Indonesia, your neighbor across Indian Ocean.

  3. LIked to see the video, however it's wrong some how, there are no Shangaan ethnic in Mozambique, in that area are Tsong a groung of people from South. and others parts of  the story are wrong.

  4. The Shona people in the North of Zimbabwe should be united with the Shonas of Mozambique, Mashonalands and Manicalands should stretch out all the way towards Beira and this would give Zimbabwe a port city.

  5. Mozambique does have a geographic advantage. Mozambique can establish stronger ties with South Africa just by location. South Africa gets 2% of its energy from natural gas. Mozambique has large reserves of natural gas.

  6. this stratfor explsnstion of mozambique is total bs there was never a war about ethnic control over the country, its was very simple the left wing supported by soviet union where destroying the country thats why most whites left the country they basically destroyed all economy that's why a desperate right wing supported by south africa and portuguese businessman with interests in mozambique supported renamo, the dictatorship created after 74 was more racist then portuguese ever where they basically took everything from whites farms industry etc and then give it to themselves of course knowing 0m about farming and industry they destroyed the whole country, the left wing so called freedom fighters where the typical socialist robbers we know, typical dictatorship of a tiny armed elite, who still to this day controls mozambique and everything in it, they own all the land and everything that goes on in there, even though the country is basically starving,. before 1974 everyone black and white had the right to study, and try to make it, it was a fairly capitalist country, that actually favored the locals white and black, there where chances for all, banks would help you start a business if you had a business plan etc, after the gov took over everything until this day u cannot own land in mozambique totally 1930s stalin kind of socialism, you have a totally moral bankrupt elite who keeps mozambique in the dark ages while they put their hands on every single business going on in the country, blacks are so stupid that if it is a black elite stealing and destroying then its ok… ask the ppl in mozambique who need rice from eu and us not to starve if its ok… the country has one and only party so elections are a farce, these african countries one day when the resources end are going to have a very sad ending, with high pop numbers and a mediocre economy

  7. Im sorry to burst your bubble but your ethinical map is seriously from mozambique we do not have two major ethnical groups but is not a tribal war of who gets what it deeper than that. its between who won the colonial war and the opposition represented by others who were not at that war and that feel misrepresented in the government. please do your research more wisely and dont LIE about other people's country.

  8. The russians, cuban´s, chinese like americans and other´s destroied angola, mocambique and guine bissau,,,congratulations and after that destroied portuguese for good,,,,alvor agreedment,,, nothing to say…

  9. Russia also didn't collapse after the fall of the USSR despite an economic depression 3 times worse than the US during the 30's and billions of dollars coming into Russia with various foreign states including the US supporting Islamic and ethnic separatist movements among its Muslim/Turkic populations.

  10. First Kashmir War of 1947 between Pakistan and India.
    Sino-Indian War of 1965 between China and India.
    Second Kashmir War of 1965 between Pakistan and India.
    Indo-Pak War of 1971 between Pakistan and India
    Kargil War of 1999 between Pakistan and India

    It would be good if STRATFOR did a Geographic Challenge on India.

    Russia is also another example some what closer to the US that has not collapsed.

  11. India has various ethnic groups with different separatist movements and long standing internal strife between its Muslim, Sikh and Hindu populations residing in a very unstable region with open borders and crime, poor infrastructure, large population with millions living in poverty and weak central authority of the regions which do not effect the US.

    India has been in regional conflicts over the years most with Pakistan but also China.

  12. except during cold war asians never really went for a total classic one wanna lose their precious job creating economies for a war for idealogical reasons(like india china border issue,islands with no oil reserves between china and japan for historical reasons).only marine oil reserves are areas of contention,i dont think they can be solved by actual war but can be put on hold with a threat of war.

  13. You said that in 30s whites were 94%.. but that is also the time of great depression. Are you saying there will be civil war if whites become minority? You idiot , they all speak english langauge. In Africa every ethnic group have their own langauge, culture.

  14. source; ex-yugoslavia federal state citizen. economic inefficiency and the war set us back a bit.
    a poor and war-like member state wanted the federation to stay because they had most to gain of keeping command of the western member states
    the unsuccessful sometimes try to keep the more successful in their company even by force.

  15. a little piece of advice if you're american, money is the oldest glue, all the ethnic friction will come to FOREFRONT once the economic inflation goes out of control.
    no amount of "tolerance" and "brotherhood" brainwashing can hold together fundamentally, culturally and genetically different people.
    55% of whites in USA and dropping fast, something to consider


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