Kim Kardashian West pictured in a Reuben Avenue silk creation
Kim Kardashian West pictured in a Reuben Avenue silk creation

Sorcha O'Connor

There was a coup for both sustainable and Irish fashion this week as Kim Kardashian West appeared on primetime American TV wearing the silk creation of a Dublin designer.

Creative director of ethical brand Reuben Avenue Eoin Dillon (37), from Dublin 15, said it was “amazing” to see the multi-millionaire reality star wear an outfit from his collection on chatshow ‘Today’ on Tuesday to launch her own shapewear, ‘Skims’. 

“It is like seeing a sketch come to life,” he told 

“Her stylist took it from one of the stockists in LA, Church Boutique, which is on Melrose Avenue. 

“The people who do the PR for me, Pop PR, are also on Melrose and there has been a big push on LA of late and it is starting to take off. 

“It is so exciting, and the clothing is ideal for LA weather. Kim made it look so chic.”

The silk outfit worn by Kim is a gender fluid design, modelled on Dillon’s website by Irish male model Chun Soot who has worked with luxury fashion house Balmain among other international brands.

It is also ethically produced by Dillon, who uses linen weaved in Wexford and Irish silk for his clothes, which are made in The Complete Design Studio in Dublin. The buttons on his pieces are also made of sea shells rather than plastic. 

He said that he wanted to provide for the recent demand for eco-friendly fashion all the while keeping things “chic and luxurious”.

“There has been a big push recently [for sustainable fashion]. I started Reuben Avenue a year and a half ago – I had worked in fashion for 15 years all over the world. This was a response to how people’s aspirations are changing, how they want to do their bit for the environment without sacrificing how they look,” he explained. 

“I wanted to make it as chic and luxurious as possible. The buttons are made of shell, they’re not plastic buttons – it was my way of being socially conscious while still keeping the designs asthetically beautiful and making pieces people want to wear. It shows you can have the best of both worlds,” he added.  

“The silk Kim was wearing is biodegradable and 100pc natural so I know after it is made, if it is washed the fibres will break down completely. I want to do what I can to do my bit for the environment, and ensure it doesn’t harm our oceans. 

“Everything is made in Ireland and this means I know everything and everyone along the chain – I know the weavers based in Wexford and the girls in the factory in Dublin.”

With stockists in LA and Abu Dhabi, his dream is to have a flagship store in Dublin.  He currently runs the business by himself digitally.

His Irish customers can primarily buy his products online as well as in the Kilkenny store on Nassau Street in the city until September 29. 

This partnership with Kilkenny is part of an exclusive Irish fashion pop up in the store which celebrates talented Irish designers with the inaugural event ‘Scéal: A Story of Irish Design’.

It features Reuben Avenue, as well as award-winning print and illustration duo Jill & Gill, the colourful collection of Sookyoung Song and knitwear specialist Pearl Reddington. 

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