Parts of the Middle East could become uninhabitable by 2050 because of climate change.

Jordan is one of the countries most affected by rising temperatures – and it’s predicted to get worse.

The Dead Sea is shrinking, and many houses only get up to 24 hours of water a week.

So, could Jordan run out of water?

Reporter: Rami Ruhayem

Producer and editor: Sofia Bettiza

Filmed by: Tony Dolce and Abdeljabbar Zaytoon

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  1. Don't worry Israels technology of desalinization is so great that it can help you make salt water as drinking water… U just need access to Israel's Mediterranean sea part and they will supply u desalinized drinking water.. Maintain your good relationship with them…..

  2. Some one help him out .when i saw i let him out too . Because they want like that n they did not like my buddah teaching .
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    N the last they send is killer people for less suvirval .
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    Food from dirty also will die slowlly .
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  3. we should plant more trees that can survive desertic conditions this will bring rain, take away the trees and there will be no rain. Our main proplem is over population, with this problem comes over consumption, lets say if the worlds population was cut into half consumption of water will be halfed. No politician will say this. Have smaller families.

  4. Their is a sahih hadith which says that the end of times will not come unless the Arabian peninsula becomes green like paradise and rivers flow within it. So neither jordan nor any country in the arabian peninsula will run out of water and Allah knows best

  5. It is high time that every country like Jordan takes lead in discussing the various standards and limits of Environment(All forms of 5 Tatavas-Akash, Jal, Vayu, Agni & Prithvi) beyond which the survival of life force in the states of the country will get endangered. It is note worthy that discussing just about Air, Water, Agni, Akash or Earth in isolation will be a futile exercise as net result of all the 5 Tatavas are responsible for survival of mankind in the country , world and this planet as all 5 Tatavas are interdependent and interlinked. Unless governments fund school children and link them with this movement for environment can never be improved as they have the best sensors for environment namely: Eyes, Ears, Jeeva, Skin and Nose. According to me the best part of ENVIRONMENT IS QUANTIFIABLE JUST LIKE PROFIT AND LOSS FIGURES.Needless to say Environment no longer need not be talked about in qualitative or poetic manner. Unquestional Truth is
    " Environment Is Life"
    " Environment is Quantifiable'
    " Pollutants are Inevitable "
    Governments must work converting-
    " Pollutants into Nutrients" and
    " Not Banning Pollutants".As Banning Pollutants shows backwardness of the COUNTRY.
    "Use, Develop and Love Technology, the way Nehru did after 1947"
    Note: Please enjoy my talk in Prime Asia TV Canada and an inspirational song Promoted by Nehru Ji!

  6. Minister of water is stupid and stubborn. A real ignorant fool. His body language and facial impressions says it all. Doesn't have clue about nature. These type of people are danger to humanity. He should be removed immediately.

  7. Everyone knows that on other parts of the world sea levels are raising due to global warming…If this dead sea is high in salinity and isolated away from other major seas, what is wrong in connecting the dead sea with major seas through a large diameter pipe line so that it will benefit everybody?


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