Another day of violent protests by pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong. China blames Britain and outside influences for stoking the trouble. Hundreds of student protesters are holes up in Hong Kong’s university polytechnic.

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  1. The kid did it to Hong Kong
    And the other airline have dropped flight in. 75% drop in tourist. Every business are laying off and retail and restaurant are having a 20-40% cut hour staff. Hotels are discounting room by 50% and still no tourist. The stock market in the dump a 7 yr low. They did i it to themselves and they are now blaming the president and want to impeach her. LOL
    You did it and your will lose your jobs and maybe your apt too. Welcome to democracy you get what you create. Government not holding your hand

  2. Biased report, half true facts! I am from Hong Kong, I would like to tell the readers the truth. Those people inside the university were not pro-democracy campaigners. They are rioters, they are murderers. They were in the University campus for over a week to make petrol bombs, acid-bombs to throw at policemen and innocent civilians. They are in fact terrorists who are doing evil things in the name of democracy.

  3. Underage black homosexual feminist Muslims say support for Scottish independence!
    Ask the British government to respect the rights and demands of the Scots!
    Underage black homosexual feminist Muslims say support for Scottish independence!
    Ask the British government to respect the rights and demands of the Scots!

  4. I’m korean.
    I always stand back hongkong.
    Because we has same history of democracy
    We know your pain and mind.
    Hongkong people is so strong!
    So must be winner!
    I will always support hongkong for endependency. Free hongkong!

  5. no matter what we said, the noble UK gov and US gov keep brainwashing those who not willing to think to believe that they are the savior, they are the justice. Please, free north Ireland first. Oh, you can't? well play, well play. Any filthy words can't match your behavior and you are just a political embarrassment.

  6. Evil Communist China just want to control Hong Kong. No one in the world would like to be ruled by the evil Chines communist. I guess this is what the Hong Kong people are fighting for.

  7. A list of things done in HK thus far by these rioters whom western media and politicians call 'peaceful protesters, wanting democracy and freedom':

    *Stabbing policemen with knives

    *Destroying entire streets by digging up bricks and rocks

    *Throwing rocks at police

    * Throwing bricks at police

    * Shining high powered laser into the eyes of police and elderly HK citizens who do not support their violence

    * beaten up countless of Hong Kongers, especially mob violence against the single handed elderly, men and women, resulting in bloodied heads, mouths, eyes, noses etc

    * threw acid on policemen

    * used catapults at the police, ended up hitting and blinding a female protestor (and thus less and less catapults were utilised since then)

    * torching cars of other Hong Kongers

    * harrassing and doxxing people who were interviewed by the media, including their workplace and families (till now many Hong Kongers are fearful to appear on camera)

    * stoning an elderly Hong Konger in the head after a verbal exchange, old man died

    * threw molotov cocktails / petrol bombs at police

    * threw molotov cocktails / petrol bombs at elderly Hong Kongers trying to clear the debris after a night's rioting

    * setting fire and burning a man alive who didn't agree with their anti-social behaviour

    * blockaded entire roads and streets, not allowing any vehicle nor pedestrian to pass, people cannot go to work, children cannot go to school and elderly cannot go home, resulting in scores of people stranded….. if anyone complains on social media….. they are doxxed and they and their family harrassed and threatened

    * stormed and destroyed the parliament building, raised the UK flag and US flags on sovereign territory

    * multiple attempts to snatch police guns

    * Using bows and arrows at the police, hitting police officers with the shot arrows, piercing through

    * so far, about 3 elderly men killed by these masked mobs, plenty more in hospitals or at home with injury

    * destroyed banks

    * destroyed shops of innocent Hong Kongers

    * destroyed stores belonging to global multinational companies

    * destroyed and set fire to many MTR train stations

    * purposely threw debris to derail trains

    * derailed trains with passengers in them, causing untold injuries

    * making up stories of police brutality

    * charging at the police with batons, poles, baseball bats, umbrellas

    * used the suicide of a 15 year old girl due to mental illness as a false story of police brutality, claiming she was killed by police

    * the suicide victim's mom was interviewed and she shared that her daughter was suffering from mental illness and she reviewed all CCTV footage of the day, it was a clear suicide and had nothing to do with the protests nor police, and was doxxed by angry rioters for not allowing them to use her daughter as a martyr, and harrassed, given death threats and hunted down, even when she is grieving the death and loss of her daughter

    * occupied and destroyed universities

    * made thousands of petrol bombs during the occupation, more than 4000 were found

    * occupied and forced the national airport to shut down

    * occupied the airport and prevented travellers and foreigners from flying, leaving many in tears and literally begging the rioters to let them go home

    * destroyed traffic lights

    * destroyed street lamps

    * destroyed sidewalks

    * destroying taxis and cars

    * setting fire to multiple vehicles near the universities

    Feel free to add your own

    Most of them would have gotten shot by the police in most western countries, especially in the USA.

    So let's not be hypocrites here.

  8. Good Morning Sir
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  9. As a Chinese college student ,I really feel angry with what the terrorist have done in Hongkong.But,I also feel upset,because the young only care about their idols and money,not our COUNTRY.

  10. Hong Kongers are just selfish individuals. They want to sell/buy votes. They attack their own race to get ahead while in Canada and USA. They ONLY care about themselves as individuals.


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