After months of training, Robert steps into his father’s shoes to feed Graham – Australia Zoo’s most notorious crocodile – solo, in front of the entire Crocoseum! Meanwhile, Bindi witnesses one of nature’s rarest events: Cedar the Koala has given birth to twins!

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  1. I remember being 2 years old watching Steve and admiring the thing he does. My mom has a pictures of me with all my stuffed animals I got at zoos or Disney and just watching the TV. He’s the reason why I want to become a vet

  2. When they got to the tiger who went blind, I cried. That's so sad, I really wish he could see. There's something about that brings out a part of myself I tend to suppress as a way to avoid stress and anxiety. I have very good vision, and I find myself childishly wishing I could give him some of it.

  3. Wes taught him how to feed crocodiles, how to handle venomous snakes, and I'll bet he'll even teach Robert how to catch crocodiles in the wild when it's time. About the only thing that could make this even better is if Wes is there when either Robert or Bindi gets married!

  4. not even 2 minuets in and already crying
    Bindi is only 1 year older than me. And I’ve been saying this for years but. Steve Irwin was like a dad for the kids watching animal planet, animal lovers, who didnt have a dad


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