The US now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than any other country, with more than 85,500 positive tests.

According to the latest figures collated by Johns Hopkins University, the US has overtaken China (81,782 cases) and Italy (80,589).

But with almost 1,300 Covid-19-related fatalities, the US death toll lags behind China (3,291) and Italy (8,215).

The grim milestone came as President Donald Trump predicted the nation would get back to work “pretty quickly”.

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  1. The US has a population of 323 Million, France has 66 million Germany has 83 and Italy 60. Per thousand, the US has the least amount of people with COVID. China is lying. The news gives us shit for information.

  2. Blah blah MSN. US , Italy, Spain, Germany have already overtaken China number of cases. Your Chinese communist comrade are clearly lying to the World and it cost many lives.

  3. The US imports more Chinese goods than just about EVERY other country so the virus was DELIVERED directly from China via shipping containers so merely stopping HUMAN flights from China had little impact since thousands of infected shipping containers continued to pour into ports daily.

  4. My family does medical business in Wuhan! I can tell you that China handed the virus efficiently and perfectly!! I am not promoting any ideology here. I am just telling why china, especially Hubei province, can deal with it so quickly. Here's why: Strong isolation rules and support from all 34 provincial areas. No one goes out, ppl order foods and basic goods online which are delivered by approved delivery drivers thanks to the best online delivery system. Also, each one of the 34 provinces is responsible for helping one city in Hubei province by sending equipment and doctors. At last, the hospitals provided privilege for any foreigners to be checked and treated first.

    I don't see any of the states are helping NY or CA. I can only see the hate against Asians grow. You media has never had any freedom of speech. You are just the speaker of the wall street, and the only freedom of speech u have is spreading rumors of Russia and China.

  5. Anyone who believes this is just plain stupid. Use your friggin' brain for a change and stop believing the Fake News. China is still lying as it has been doing since the very beginning. The key word is "confirmed".

  6. No its not true, china is still at the top in terms of both infection as well as death rate, but still why all the news media are so blinded in providing information.

  7. Is this confirmed cases that winne the poo xi knows about; Or was more not reported in order to try and make poo xi happy? I guess that is what you get from a country that's ran by someone who seems to be copying how hitler ran germany.

  8. Race to the Death. Why after Three previous Viruses from China why didn’t, Bush, Obama plan for future Contingency Plans for this Virus. Remember Trump wasn’t even President when those Viruses were hitting the US. World caught with their pants down. Where was the Intelligence forces.?.

  9. How is it possible that the US has more corona virus deaths than the Chinese? Propaganda from China and how inaccurate their reporting of virus deaths is not to be believed.

  10. The World will be suing communist China, for all the damages they have cause.. in America, we will be seizing all their assets  to cover the damages they have cause.. As the ole saying goes in China.  "You Break You Pay"  Communist China, will pay dearly and rightfully so.

  11. Communist China and the Fake News, is lying again about the numbers of death and cases..  In reality, Communist China has over 165,000 death, and 3 million infected cases..  Don't trust this Human Right Violation Killing people regime.. Taiwan is the real CHINA, and not Communist China..  Long live Taiwan and soon Mainland China, will be free from this terrible killing regime call Communist China.

  12. What? Didn't the smart folks tell you all to wash your hands, and stay home for a month? But no, you listened to that Idiot in the White House. You believed the Court Jester. You said to yourself, "It can't happen to me. I don't have to do all that silly stuff. I am better than the rest of you. I will survive the virus with just a cough and an ache."
    Well, nice try. Beliefs are wonderful except that they are just that, a creation of wonder. Facts are cold and hard and noone likes them. Noone wants to clean up the mess they made. Leave it for the next person. I am exempt from responsibility. Well, not really. Flatten the curve? What curve? You see that tiny little data point there? That tiny data point is You!

  13. Start of a trend, one in ten. Not one death in ten alive. But let's try to return to One Tenth the population now living. Let's take the next 25 years to undo what has been overdone. Less is More. We would value each other more, if there were fewer of us to value. I use to hear the expression that in Asia, human life is cheap. Well maybe if we didn't pop out children like this years crop of SUV's or condominiums, those fewer children would feel special and loved and needed and a precious gift to the world instead of just another mouth to feed, another slave girl to marry-off or sell to a brothel to satisfy a debt> how ugly we can become so easily.

  14. A lot of countries claimed the Testing Kits that came from China is only 40% accurate. So those stats from them is a fluke. They all need to be retested with authentic PPE testing kits this time.

  15. So it Saturday night, Last Call, and there are two types of people in the world.
    There is the POS types that are still sitting at the bar, ordering a double and makes small talk with the fellow drunken beast at the bar in hope of getting something to nail.
    There is the People of Integrity, the Bill Gates's, the Dr. Fauci's, the Gov. Cuomo's, that haven't been to a bar in 30 years, and have been happily married to the love of their lives, and have made a career of outstanding service and it shows in their thoughts, words, deeds.
    Unfortunately too few of the POI's and too many of the POS's. But Hey! It's a free world, right? No, it's not a free world. You can't do whatever you want. You just have to stop and look at the mirror at the creature staring back at you.

  16. Let's compare two Billionaies, Bill Gates and Donald Trump.
    So Bill represents the matured capitalist that has chosen to attempt to right some wrongs, and to undo some of Humanities excesses and destructive tendencies.
    And Donald doesn't see anything to correct, except a slow econome and taxes. He loves his wealth and crave more and more. His Motto, if I may be so bold is, "YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO RICH!"
    I hope each man gets what he deserves in life. What do you think each man deserves?

  17. What is the worse plague? Mankind on the planet or the coronavirus that leads to Covid-19 on humans? Let's ask the rest of the planet.
    Hey, all you animals and plants that have gone extinct in the last 150 years. Do you think it was natural or manmade? Hey, Climate Scientists, do you think Nature is causing Global Warming or is it caused by Human activity?
    Hey governments of the world, can we change ourselves, or do we need the natural world to contol us? Can we reach a consensus about human impact or is it too much to expect the grown up's to be mature and say 'No!" to the rest of us? No, we can't change. We are the worse plague and we can't see it because we are attached to our Nissan Altima's and our flights to Bali and our closet full of clothes and shoes. Or whatever a child with a credit card spends on?
    Imagine a world where the first purchase you were required to make right out of college is to set up a monthly distribution from your checking account to a Nature Preservation cause, like The Nature Conservancy, or the Sheldrick Wildlife Preserve, or Green Peace? Yes, you had to donate 2% monthly of your gross income to a preservation cause? What would we do with one less fast food meal, or one less night out drinking with our buddies?


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