A flight to bring about 200 British nationals back to the UK from coronavirus-hit Wuhan is unable to take off as planned on Thursday.

It is understood relevant permissions from Chinese officials have not yet come through.

The Foreign Office said it was “working urgently” to organise a flight to the UK “as soon as possible”.

The virus has caused at least 170 deaths, spreading to every Chinese region and at least 16 other countries.

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  1. For humanity we all countries have to support China to fight this harmful disease because we all wanted to live so they are please help them all people for humanity ❣️ we human have heart's

  2. scum who are eating dogs and cats and never wash their hands after poo poo. Funny westerners like chinese food but they dont know you make poo poo and they eat some of your poo on hands in the dim sim. Do not go chinese restaurants especially with children unless you want to get this virus or feed your kids shit from the chefs hands

  3. About Novel Corona Virus Infection, the Chinese government is taking the most powerful measures currently,and everything is under control. Life is normal in most other parts of China by far, with only a few cities like Wuhan affected. I believe it will all return to normal soon. Don't worry, it's not that serious .With more than 10,000 flu deaths in the United States, the focus should be on the United States.

  4. the virus spread to other countries due to people from wuhan arriving there.. US, India had travellers from Wuhan.. duh.. why didnt they block people traveling abroad until this is controlled.

  5. I'm SURPRISED But Chinas Communist state couldn't take any more resistance. The people have to die off. Can you imagine if the Socialist liberal democrats in America took power in 2016. The die off would be catastrophic

  6. 10.000 infectados enviando eses y fluidos al drenaje de la ciudad para transmitirlo a roedores que lo harán mutar y devolverlo al ser humano más peligroso . Todos los puntos tienen que estar contemplados los que vemos y los no tan tangibles.


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