Fears over the coronavirus triggered a sharp fall in Chinese shares when the market reopened after the Lunar New Year holiday.

The Shanghai Composite index closed nearly 8% lower, its biggest daily drop for more than four years.

Manufacturing, materials, and consumer goods companies were among the hardest hit, while healthcare shares soared.

The fall came despite China’s central bank announcing new measures to ease the impact of the outbreak.

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) unexpectedly lowered short term interest rates as part of its attempts to relieve pressure on the economy from the rapidly spreading virus.

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  1. Just what the USA wanted, amazing that they carried out a dummy run of a coronavirus outbreak just 3 months before the outbreak. The coronavirus tests were being done in Wuhan in labs there, just to inform. These poor people are suffering. Millions can be spent on making nuclear weapons, yet there are not enough masks. The masks do not safeguard you from the virus unless its the full one that covers the eyes. As it can be in the eyes also and faces.

  2. If anybody watched a film and video of documentaries about some standing Stones sorry concrete slabs with writing on them. In the wilderness in some American state. And it tells of what is planned and what will happen. Where things were written on them, about what's going to happen in the future. It tells of the richest 500 million people in the world surviving an apocalypse of a man-made disease or virus with the aide of private security and some military these people unbeknownst to them will become the slave race on the Stones it is for told that there is not enough money not enough food not enough materials to build and keep alive the existing population the only way to cure this is the cull the human race by Design. I think it was on one of the shows done by Jesse Ventura an ex state governor and Navy SEAL of the United States Navy who did lots of 1 hour long shows about disasters planned, Area 51 and theories on on the Twin Towers and shown film of the Pentagon building where they were storing 5 trillion-dollar of receipts which Arms companies, shipyards and various assorted army, Navy and Air Force personnel help themselves allegedly to funds which they stole threw fraud and paid off various terrorist groups and trained them. And what senators and congressmen and women took as brown envelopes allegedly.

  3. This is a wrath of karma when China wants to bully, conquer, dominate everyone by means of their dictatorial powers…Extend their territories by overpowering other weaker nations around them…

  4. PEOPLE PLEASE READ THIS POSTED Feb 08,2020: the thing no one has figured out yet is the doctor who has just died today had treated the first 7 people that got sick back in December…..now 9 weeks later he has died….the WHO is saying 14 days for incubation of virus…..why and how has this doctor caught the virus and died 9 weeks later…..i think your going to find that no one knows anything about this virus….all the talking heads are guessing…..pandemic is coming

  5. More effective than injecting any amount of money as a backstop into the economy, China can help itself by permanently reforming its wildlife trade practices to show it is serious about preventing these types of outbreaks from occurring again in the future.

  6. Cities of millions of people are being shut down. Transport shut down. Work shut down. Schools shut down. People ordered to stay indoors with 1 person allowed to leave every 2 days for necessities. Local governments telling people to terminate pets. People being shot for not wearing face masks. The official death number will be completely bullshit. China would not voluntarily economically fuck itself if this wasn't incredibly serious. Use your own discernment. Assume thousands are dying – that would be the logical conclusion with this level of reaction from the Chinese government.

  7. Every journalist pronouncing wuhan incorrectly should be ashamed. Im not chinese, let alone a journalist, and I know better. Props to this woman for getting it right.


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