The US and China have been struggling for economic supremacy.

But their fight has moved on from charging new taxes on imports, to attacking each others’ tech industries – and consumers around the world could feel the impact.

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  1. China’s going to win. We suck at education. As a nerd I can verify how much the average person hates “smart” people or people who value knowledge. People hire their “friend” in America, not qualified individuals.

  2. Can't compete with them, sabotage them. Want to be N°1 forever, but you are not good enough? Then, make things worser for the others, after all, why try to improve yourself when it is easier trying to ruin the others, after all, if you manage to keep others behind you in the race, you are still in front of them.

  3. America should have backed up slowly on this. They do not have 5G ready yet. I understand that the country is becoming weaker technologically and it's ok for them to try to get their position back. But the process that Trump is following is not working well. He should have proceeded strategically and not arbitrarily.

  4. China is nothing more than slave owners. They hold people captive from other countries like Canada right now, 2 men and they are not even being formally charged with a crime. They do it to their own people and put them in camps and make them work for them. They get beaten daily, and barely fed. Their so called free people are not free. You people have not been to china.

  5. This video is all about who wants to be no 1. That is nonsense. India is also on the horizon. America knows it can't stay at no 1 economically. This trade deal is about business, i.e. money.

  6. what trade war tariffs? Cannot feel a thing in China daily life. People just ignore american stuff, cannot find anything comes from US. the only US brand you can see is Iphone.

  7. And just how much of that Technology did China actually make? Not counting the intellectual property they stole from Americans. The USA has more Nobel Prize winners than anyone else, including China with a population of a billion people. China has no innovation because it's a repressive regime that stops any innovation.

  8. China is a Superpower?No No USA , we Chinese living in Third world country It's all Fake news !!! LOL keep think USA is the number one forever and don't worry about it 🙂


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