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Yemen war: Saudi-led coalition warplane crashes

Houthi rebels say they shot down the plane, while Saudi Arabia says only that it "fell".

Syria war: Turkish operation in Idlib ‘only a matter of time’

Turkey's leader warns Syria over its large-scale offensive against rebels in the northern province.

Greek clashes break out over new migrant camps

Residents of the Greek islands Lesbos and Chios clashed with riot police over planned migrant camps.

Coronavirus: Tenerife hotel with hundreds of guests locked down

An Italian doctor staying at the hotel, which has hundreds of guests, tested positive on Monday.

Coronavirus: New China figures highlight toll on medical staff

Six health workers are among those who have died during the coronavirus outbreak, officials say.

Storm Ciara: High winds lead to disruption across Europe

Forecasters predict the storm will bring gusts of over 90mph (145km/h) in some areas.

Chinese ‘democracy tourists’ see Iowa up close

The students visitors were fascinated by the caucuses, despite the vote's messy outcome.

Future Forward: Thai pro-democracy party dissolved over loan

The constitutional court rules a loan to Future Forward from its businessman founder was illegal.

Uighur mother makes plea to join Australian husband

Nadila Wumaier denies Chinese official's claims that she is free to leave house arrest.

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