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Was this Trump’s best week yet?

From the Iowa caucus mishap to his acquittal in the Senate, this week has treated the US president well.

The unlikely friendship saving Egypt’s synagogues

Magda, who is Jewish, and Marwa, who is Palestinian and Muslim, are driving a push to rescue Egypt's Jewish heritage.

Trump directs ire at impeachment witness

Alexander Vindman, who accused Mr Trump of "improper" conduct, is expected to leave the White House.

US-Taliban talks: Pompeo hails ‘pretty important breakthrough’

The US secretary of state says President Donald Trump has given the go-ahead for further talks.

Coronavirus: Beijing orders 14-day quarantine for returnees

People returning to China's capital are told to stay at home for two weeks, or face punishment.

Solis: Pakistan music festival halted as hundreds storm venue

Female attendees allege instances of assault and harassment during the chaos at the event in Pakistan.

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