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Trump impeachment inquiry: New claims amid public hearing

Donald Trump was overheard asking about "investigations" into Joe Biden, a top US diplomat says.

Boris Johnson promises to end ‘unbearable’ uncertainty around Brexit

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks as he visits an electric car plant in Warwickshire, Britain November 13, 2019. REUTERS/Rebecca Naden Boris Johnson promises...

Abrar Fahad: Bangladesh police charge 25 over murder

Abrar Fahad, 21, was beaten to death after posting criticism of the government on social media.

Japan cancels cherry blossom party amid cronyism accusations

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was accused of inviting too many of his own supporters to the last event.

‘Future of the presidency’: House begins Trump impeachment inquiry hearings

Democrats leading the US House of Representatives probe have summoned three US diplomats - all of whom have previously expressed alarm in closed-door...

New Zealand to hold referendum on euthanasia

Parliament voted in favour of making euthanasia legal, meaning a referendum will happen next year.

Israel-Gaza fighting continues for second day after militant’s death

After an overnight lull, militants fire more rockets towards Israel and Israeli aircraft hit Gaza.

Pregnant firefighter says she’ll continue to do her job

Kat comes from a family of firefighters. She says being pregnant won't stop her serving the community in Australia.

Bolivia’s democracy on shaky ground

Protests and celebrations as Jeanine Áñez takes over as pre-election president after Evo Morales left.

Venice floods: Climate change behind highest tide in 50 years, says mayor

A state of disaster is declared as the Italian city is hit with a high tide of more than 1.87m.

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