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Sairbeen Monday 4th March 2019 – BBCURDU

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How to live like a ‘superager’ – BBC News

What will you be like in your 80s? If you find yourself living independently, robust in body and mind and with a wide social...

Iran’s ruler blames unrest on ‘enemies’ – BBC News

Iran's supreme leader has accused the country's enemies of stirring days of protests that have claimed at least 22 lives. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was speaking...

Brand new iPhone 6 dropped by fan live on Australian TV – BBC...

Subscribe to BBC News Jack Cooksey became the first person to buy the new iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia, after queuing overnight - only...

The village built from missiles – BBC News

Residents of Qezelabad in Afghanistan have lived for years with unexploded weapons built into their walls and holding up their ceilings. After Soviet troops withdrew...

Canada officially apologises: BBC News Review

More here: In 1864, five First Nation chiefs were tried and hanged over the killing of 14 white settlers. Now the Canadian prime minister...

EU leaders agree Brexit deal – BBC News

The UK’s withdrawal agreement from the European Union has been approved by EU leaders, its chief official Donald Tusk has announced. The 27 leaders gave...

மசூத் அஸார் உயிரிழப்பா? – BBC Tamil TV News 04/03/19

ஜெய்ஷ் இ மொஹம்மத் தீவிரவாத இயக்க தலைவர் மசூத் அஸார் உயிரிழப்பா?- உண்மை என்ன? எல்லை கட்டுப்பாட்டுக் கோடருகே, எல்லை கிராமங்களில் வெடிக்காத நிலையில் பாகிஸ்தானிய குண்டுகள் - களத்தில் இருந்து...

Congo: The pygmies of Boyanga – BBC News

Go hunting in the forest with pygmies who still live a very traditional way of life. Their elders remember the brutal colonial time under...

Young children groomed on live streaming app Periscope – BBC News

Children as young as nine are being groomed on the live streaming app Periscope, a BBC investigation has found. Twitter, which owns the app, says...

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