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Tuesday, December 11, 2018


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বিবিসি বাংলা সংবাদ (সকালের খবর) 04/12/2018 – BBC News Bangla

দেশ - বিদেশ এর তাজা সব খবর জানতে বিবিসি বাংলার পাশেই থাকুন যদি খবর গুলু আপনাদের ভাল লেগে থাকে তা হলে LIKE + SHARE...

World leaders gather for G20 summit – BBC News

World leaders are gathering in Argentina for their annual G20 summit amid new tension with Russia over Ukraine and a US trade row with...

George Bush Senior dies at the age of 94 – BBC News

Former US President George HW Bush has died at the age of 94 at home in Houston, Texas. Bush Sr served as the 41st US...

EU leaders agree Brexit deal – BBC News

The UK’s withdrawal agreement from the European Union has been approved by EU leaders, its chief official Donald Tusk has announced. The 27 leaders gave...

Can Mexico defeat the drug cartels? – BBC News

Mexico's new president Andrés Manuel López Obrador is promising a radical transformation of his country's policy to tackle the production of illegal drugs. The drug...

G20: Putin and Saudi crown prince high five – BBC News

The Russian president was due to discuss the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. They are in Buenos Aires,...

Disruptors: Will Flying cars ever take off? – BBC News

Some companies are trying to fulfil the long-cherished dream of making a car that can fly. But how practical or affordable will they be? This...

Theresa May updates MPs on draft Brexit deal – BBC News

Theresa May gives statement to MPs on draft Brexit political declaration European Council chief says the document has been 'agreed in principle' The declaration will form...

Vox: Who are Spain’s far-right party? – BBC News

A far-right party has won seats in a Spanish regional election for the first time in decades. The Vox party took 12 parliamentary seats in...

Why doctors are eating Lego – BBC News

Children frequently ingest small objects and naturally parents worry about the consequences. Six paediatricians from the UK swallowed Lego as part of an experiment to...

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