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Mozambique's Geographic Challenge

Stratfor explains how the failure to align Mozambique's borders with ethnic boundaries, coupled with recent discoveries of natural resources, will test the country's unity. About...

Geography Now! MOZAMBIQUE

Spanish speakers... I know, just get your laughs out now when we talk about the capital Check out ! You asked for merch so...

360° Antarctica – Journey Through The Ice | National Geographic

Crash through a frozen ocean as we take you to Antarctica to come face to face with the curious locals that call this spectacular...

Neutral Response | YouTube Geographic

Neutrality Achieved. Twitter: Reddit: Discord: Patreon: Tshirts: : Music: #EmpLemon #YouTubeGeographic source

Descubra a Cidade Fantasma no Norte de Itália | National Geographic

A história da aldeia abandonada de Roghudi Vecchio, situada numa encosta das montanhas de Aspromonte, em Itália, remonta ao século XI. E as raízes...

Hurricanes 101 | National Geographic

Find out how hurricanes can be so destructive. ➡ Subscribe: ➡ Get More 101 Videos: #NationalGeographic #Hurricanes #Educational About National Geographic’s 101 Series: Explore and experience the...

Call from Flight 11 | National Geographic

Flight attendant Betty Ong sounds the alarm about AA Flight 11 being hijacked by terrorists. 9/11: Voices from the Air: ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National...

Valley of the Wolves | Awesome Animals

Watch this fascinating story of a battle between two wolf packs as they fight it out over who will rule Yellowstone! ➡ Subscribe for more...

A Young Visitor Helps Tortoises | Galápagos | Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

Nine-year-old Sophie was so inspired by meeting giant tortoises on her first trip to the Galápagos two years ago that she raised $2,650 for...

Reconstruir el arca de noe Documetal de National geographic

El señor dijo: "Borraré de la faz de la tierra a la raza humana que he creado. Traeré un #diluvio universal y destruiré toda...

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