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Geography Now! Croatia

Well, we're back to the Balkans. You know what that means. Comment section popcorn time! SUBSCRIBE: Become a patron! Donate anything and Get exclusive...

Geography Now! Colombia

No but seriously Steve Harvey, Venezuela will take you in with open arms. THANKS TO for sponsoring Geography Now! 24 Hour answers is the...

Geography Now! MAURITANIA

Yeah, we were due for a Bob Saget joke. Anyway enjoy the enigmatic saharan sands of #Mauritania Check out ! You asked for merch...

Origins of the Universe 101 | National Geographic

How old is the universe, and how did it begin? Throughout history, countless myths and scientific theories have tried to explain the universe's origins....

Geography Now! Austria

Seriously though. Do NOT call them German. YES I REALIZE I accidentally said "Hungary" at 5:18 when I said "Yugoslavian states" and Hungary was...

Geography Now! Bulgaria

Ahhh I didn't even get to talk about the Bagpipes in this one, so much stuff left out. Oh well, Here's BULGARIA!! Become a patron!...

The Chinese Hajj (2011) National Geographic

Produced by Infocus Asia for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL source

Descubra a Cidade Fantasma no Norte de Itália | National Geographic

A história da aldeia abandonada de Roghudi Vecchio, situada numa encosta das montanhas de Aspromonte, em Itália, remonta ao século XI. E as raízes...

Caffeine 101 | National Geographic

Nearly 90% of the United States population has at least one caffeinated beverage every day. Learn about the chemistry of caffeine, how it causes...

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