A BBC investigation has found that more and more young people are going missing, from accommodation provided to support those in care. A Freedom of Information request indicates the number missing from unregulated homes has more than doubled in England and Wales in the past 3 years. It’s also been revealed that more than 60 children were found by councils to have been sexually assaulted or exploited once they returned. The Department for Education, who refused to be interviewed, say councils have a duty to provide suitable accommodation. Watch Ed Thomas’ exclusive report, as broadcast on BBC’s News at Ten.

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  1. REALLY?

    Then why are BBC coveringup the 10'000s of kids who go missing, are kidnapped & trafficked from statecare & killed for profit by UK establiment child grooming gangs.

    From the time since Mr's Windsor took to her throne. Yes BBC (shame on you) for coveringup those decades of crimes that to this day, still remain injustices <<< WESTMONSTER

  2. This globalist state is now worse than any Communist slum. The only thing that is keeping this from third world status is the welfare system, without that this dump would collapse. What a sad end to a once great nation.

  3. sorry but how was a care home not registered?
    this goes against all the rules?
    but it's london isn't it, London has become a shit hole of UK.
    like birmingham and manchester

  4. When kids are kidnapped from their homes because of a birth certificate registering them as owned by the government, stop listening to the propaganda, care homes make a lot of money kidnapping children do they not? so thee greed to make money is poossibly the root of this problem is it not?

  5. Mostly white kids stolen from families to be sent out of their neighbourhoods safe or otherwise into far worse situations by Marxist council officials to be either exploited by Muslim sex slave gangs or black county line gangs. This country is being deliberately destroyed. Our people are being decimated. But I'm the evil racist for pointing out the unpalatable truth.

  6. Whatever you do for them, they r not going to change. Can the carers or care home lock them up and not allow them to go out? No, they can’t. As soon they r out in the community they will do what they wanted to do..

  7. Not sure 'Care' homes is an appropriate title. Saying that. These are crimes. It's a police/security issue. Let's not Scape goat the people working in the homes. Most of them do a good job an are extremely under valued in society.
    These care workers are regularly assaulted while doing the job. By people they are caring for. They do a tough job for poor pay. An they have to have lots of specialist training to do the job. An can lose their job over the slightest complaint.
    If people are going missing or been exploited. It's a police issue.


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