Boris Johnson has told MPs the Supreme Court was “wrong to pronounce on a political question at a time of great national controversy”.

The UK’s highest court ruled Mr Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful – prompting opposition calls for him to resign.

The PM was forced to cut short his visit to the UN in New York to explain his legal defeat to the Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn said he should “have done the honourable thing and resigned”.

But Mr Johnson goaded the Labour leader and other opposition parties to “finally face the day of reckoning with the voters” in a general election.

Labour and the SNP have refused to do that until a no-deal Brexit has been taken off the table.

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  1. Labour are such toxic vile shrill low lives, give us a general election, and while you are at it, let us vote on the BBC license fee.. I don't want to pay anymore for propaganda to be forced at me


  3. Separation of Powers. We have a PM so tragically ignorant, that he doesn’t quite grasp the Separation of Powers. His view of a Supreme Court ruling is of the same merit as his bin man, or the man on the Clapham omnibus i.e. it’s utterly irrelevant.

    When did the Executive start thinking is was okay to be led by entitled fools that have no understanding of the structure of state?

  4. I am minded of the grainy black and white films of black robed German Judges who had been politicised by the Nazi terrors of the nineteen thirties………make no mistake, the UK is heading into very dark times…………

  5. This bumbling fool calls the Supreme Court wrong much the same way a killer despite all the evidence against him still insists he is innocent of the crime! Mind you UK Labour is an even more wretched party with an even more bewildered leader!

  6. Does the UK Parliament not have a speaker whose job it is to keep order? The amount of people talking over and shouting at someone currently speaking is disgusting. Half the people in that room should have been turfed out for their behaviour. No wonder Britain is turning into a shithole.

  7. Well done Boris! The court has no place ruling on a political issue, I could not agree more. They have completely overstepped their authority. I hope you get Brexit done soon. The world is getting really tired of this.

  8. politicians are all the same, political science = the art of deceiving through means of lying or with use of misdirection often as one associates with thoughts, actions, activities, and behavior, generally to the enjoyment of dishonest individuals that take great pride in being dishonest to others on a daily basis LOL

  9. When you have 11 remain judges their is no impartiality and therefore shows a bias. A supreme court should consist of judges with total impartiality and have a proven record in doing so, otherwise it makes a mockery of the law, which is exactly what the judgment was and exactly what it currently is.

  10. He is the biggest liar of these days. "The public doesn't want a second referendum…" Which public? How many of them? Are they count more then the opposite?
    He doesn't respect law, people, country. In old days he would hang on Marble Arch by now…

  11. A Its true now the supreme court as stepped in where going to go the american route now with laws every time opposition is not happy lets take it to court ,now the eu have said since may signed the treaty they will not open it they want to keep us in with the back stop we voted leave but mp's are putting the careers before the country ,places that voted leave have remain mps and vice versus as a labour voter its now gone I've never voted torie in twenty years but i will this time corybyn as killed the labour party i once loved,call,a vote of no confidence

  12. I believe that Parliament is supposed to represent the public, they seem to think that they have the right to ignore the rights unless they actually agree with the decision that they make. This situation is very dangerous, have the public got any rights or not?

  13. I'm not a fan of Boris or the Conservatives at all but personally I feel the blockade formed by the parties opposite is whats really hurting our parlimentary system. They talk big on preserving democracy yet pull every trick in the book to prevent the outcome of a peoples referendum then cry foul when the Tories try every trick in the book to get around them. Funny how the majority of constituencies voted to leave yet the majority of politicians are acting to prevent brexit. Do they not represent their voters? do we need an election to find out?

  14. Go Boris! He’s doing such a good job in these miserable and embittered circumstances. This cannot go on. The establishment must accept that Brexit needs to happen if we are ever to heal the gaping wounds in this country. All these parties that want to remain do not seem to grasp the simple reality that Pandora’s box has been opened. They voted for it twice. Allowing a referendum, then article 50. We need to move on. These morons are preventing us from doing so; and they do this at their own peril. Idiots.


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