A boy and his friend examine the body of something on the shore.

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  1. Yall do know when they have any documentary that is based on something. The document is fabricated and sometimes reacted to tell a story. Some of this or all might be fake but the truth still lives just in a different setting of nature.
    For example, The Texas Chainsaw massacre: Based on ed gene.
    Amity Ville horror: Based on many paranormal events that happened threw history.
    Scarface: Based on al capone.
    The movies are tampered with to convice and grasp audience.
    Big thing is @$k Your self why was this show cancelled and why was it then bashed after, if it was ment just to be a show. Then during that month they tryed to switch the title of Animal Planet to Human Planet if no one notice straight after this event.

  2. I had to be the one to break it to you guys. This Fish-Being may be real. It matches the description of Emery Smith (3 types of fish beings) 1. Dolphin Type, 2. Manatee Type. And 3. Mermaid-Human type with extra skin around the neck and a human like torso. It could be fake… but it could very well be real. It could be a real Alien, it could be a 3d printed being from a lab, or it could be a fake video. It indeed matches Emery Smith's description on Gaia.com... but I could be wrong.


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