He has more than 2 million followers on Twitter, 600,000 YouTube subscribers and his videos on the Daily Wire channel rack up millions of views.

Ben Shapiro is a controversial figure but one of the US’ leading conservative political commentators. His book, The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great, is a New York Times bestseller.

In a spiky Politics Live interview with Andrew Neil, Mr Shapiro refers to an incident which took place between Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski and Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields in 2016.

Although a charge was brought at the time against Mr Lewandowski, Florida prosecutors dropped the case.

This is an unedited version of their interview, which was terminated by Mr Shapiro.

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  1. This is basically "Oldman critiques random things Ben Shapiro said in the past without context" vs "Ben Shapiro, wondering why the fuck he's even there."

    Also BBC is liberal as fuck.
    They've always been liberal.
    Andrew Neil is liberal.

  2. The BBC citing the titles of YouTube videos that were posted by channels that have ZERO association with Ben Shapiro and then in turn questioning Shapiro why they’re titles as such like he’s the one that names them!!! Let’s do some simple fact checking BBC and come up with some journalistic questions that are actually relevant ffs.

  3. So how did Ben get destroyed? Neil brought up old stuff that he said and Ben said yeah he was dumb n shouldn’t have said that what’s the problem? Just say you hate Ben Shapiro lol but to say he got destroyed is dumb he didn’t handle it well but either did Neil

  4. I don't like Shapiro or his views (the vast majority of the time anyway) but any of you saying he "got owned" in this video need some comprehension lessons. If you watch this again, from a completely objective, non-bias point of view, Shapiro most definitely "wins" by a wide margin. Neil missed many opportunities to critique him along the way and failed to do so.

  5. The appropriate answer when asked anything specific regarding abortion by a "pro lifer" is: "It needs to be the right of every individual woman to make that decision." End of story. None of this BS debate about when "life" begins. It doesn't matter- as long as the baby is in the mother, the mother makes those calls.

  6. Ben held on as long as he could with the "gotcha" questions, bravo… But an old guy reading questions some 23 yr old researcher wrote for him and droning on about non-substantive topics finally had Ben pulling the plug… The same this interviewer's relatives will be doing in the near future…

  7. This is why you should never put man-childs like Ben Shapiro on a pedestal and woot for everything he says or does, just because he can throw quick one-sentenced counter-arguments against liberals on twitter and argue college kids. He's not a real journalist either, he's a hack like the most of right-wing media personnel. You know why the BBC dude could quote so many contradicting statements of Ben Shapiro? Because Shapiro is a man who contradicts himself! he's not a man of principles and opinions! He just likes to counter-argue people! And he's not a decent man! You can't ever call yourself a good or a decent person when you tell the other guy that you've never heard of him! Only an egomaniac would do that.


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