The demonstration in london today was attended by over 50,000 protesters. RT Al Jazerra and other foreign news channels have reported this. Nothing on BBC and Sky News. Initially I called LDN, they slammed the phone down on me. So I called BBC News 24, this is what happened….



  1. BBC News 24 has no longer been called that since 2007. On your middle screen, i don't know what page that is but it most obviously is a non BBC website. The guy who answered the phone said "hello, BBC News 24"… but the channel hasn't been called that  for 7 years.

  2. Million people march last year, was it last year?  Any way not reported at all other than what people on the day caught by phone cameras.  I was amazed at the time apparently London was brought to a stand still. 

  3. The BBC is just as corrupt as CNN, FOX News and other major media networks across the globe that happen to be owned, or influenced by the Rockafeller family. Every piece of footage that appears on the BBC News has to first viewed, edited and re-scripted by those of influence before it goes live, unless it's basic local news that doesn't concern certain agendas, then the BBC can show what they want.
    The latest ISIS footage, for example, (9,19,9,19) is an absolute joke, a false flag at its finest.
    A while ago, the news even showed an eye witness called, Steve Silva, saying he saw the first plane hit the twin towers, even though there wasn't one… And surprise surprise, who was the eye witness for the Boston Marathon Bombing, perfectly positioned for the blast…Steve Silva.  
    We don't know whether to laugh or cry any more.     

  4. The BBC work for the government. they may claim to be the publics media, but they serve the government first and foremost. if they don't report it, it's because higher ups have told them not to

  5. This is the reply I got after I complained…

    We have received a wide range of feedback about our coverage of this story. In order to use our TV licence fee resources efficiently, this general response aims to answer the key concerns raised, but we apologise in advance if it doesn’t address your specific points in the manner you would prefer.

    Your concerns were raised with senior editorial staff at BBC News who responded as follows:

    “We covered this demonstration on the BBC News Channel with five reports throughout Saturday evening, on the BBC News website on Sunday, as well as on social media. We choose which stories we cover based on how newsworthy they are and what else is happening and we didn’t provide extensive coverage because of a number of bigger national and international news stories that day, including the escalating crisis in Iraq, British citizens fighting in Syria and the death of Gerry Conlon.

    We frequently report on the UK economy and what it means for the British public. We also reflect the concerns of people such as those demonstrating, and others who hold opposing views, across our daily news output on TV, radio as well as online, and we also explore them in more depth including in our political programming and current affairs investigations, debates on ‘Question Time’ and during interviews and analysis on programmes such as ‘PM’ and ‘Newsnight’. Inevitably, there may be disagreements over the level of prominence we give to stories, but we believe our coverage of this subject has been fair and impartial.”

    We hope this goes some way to explaining our position, and thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

    Their coverage of this story totalled 24 seconds of footage with no commentary and half a dozen lines

    Yeah fucking right.  Any idea where I can send my ripped up licence to?

  6. I've been noticing this more and more on the BBC over the last year.  Only allowing comments on the new site for light news, no comments for anything with any substance; having comments deleted for 'being off topic' and so on.  

  7. Ah classic UK black hole. If you can't answer it skirt around the subject or black hole it, a phone line that rings out an e mail address that doesn't exist. Classic Tories. Ever noticed how if you state the Emperor has no clothes you get ostracised as is if you pissed on a dead child's grave. Funny that. It's almost as if people can't handle the truth or facts or reality. Makes you wonder about the stats on job roles and the economic "recovery" of the UK probably all bollox! 

  8. You might have been aware of the news strory on the bbc website about the benefit cap a few days ago?  The bbc wrongly stated it had a 13 billion increase in expenditure this year and it was the biggest fiscal crisis facing the government.  I did manage to get them to change the article by ringing the complaints line, although they only changed a few words, they didnt put the proof in to back up their story I asked for, the corrected article now states it rised TO 13 billion not BY 13 billion, a huge difference and they changed the biggest fiscal crisis to one of the biggest fiscal crisis.  So some ammendments, although if that misreporting was already on the tv then the damage is obviously already done.  I agree there is lot sof media censorship going on by the government and cleerly the bbc is just the governments mouthpeice, constantly reporting stories sourced from ministers without any research to collaberate the information accuracy.

  9. Lol, I've tried contacting them online angry with all their Agenda 21 nonsense? You hear nothing. But I bet if I was part of some minority group and complained about something that really doesn't have much affect on the future of humanity, I would get response after response.

  10. Makes me laugh that they will cover a story of an EDL march where only less than 9000 showed up…. Divide and conquer, they want us mad at each other, rather than them and sadly most of the nation is to wrapped up in it. More people are getting mad about some Subways not selling bacon in areas that consist of mainly muslims.. But Fracking, Governments stealing money, illegal wars… Perfectly acceptable apparently. 

  11. and dont forget we are FORCED with prison if we dont pay for this rubbish !! …Everyone should phone in and ask WHY when it was covered on all other News channels … and more over REFUSE to pay for it

  12. I think that saying they "slammed the phone down" is pretty inaccurate. More accurately, what happened is that whoever they put you through to was probably too busy to answer the phone, so you got cut off. Very very different. Bare in mind as well you rang on a Saturday so they'll be operating on minimal weekend staff; try ringing again on Monday to complain. Or send an email to complain. I understand perfectly your grievance about lack of coverage, but please don't be so melodramatic.

    Incidentally, there are protests in London all the time these days. Unless its something new or something kicks off, noone particularly cares so theres no point covering it. Meanwhile this weekend, another war was kicking off in iraq. Bit more important in the grand scheme of things. That being said, don't get me started on blanket World Cup coverage… there's something to complain about!


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