Why was Star Wars so good? Because George Lucas crammed the movies (especially ep 4–6) with Japanese and Chinese culture. Check out this collaboration with Chris Chappell from China Uncensored.

Watch Chris’s Star Wars episode on China Uncensored:

5 Ways China is Like the Galactic Empire in Star Wars

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  1. may I correct both of you above, especially that ignorant Baldy left guy.
    1) The Force is more akin to Nei-gong, Qing-gong ( 内 功, 轻功). But arcane arts practitioners(should I imply it is also DARK?) from ancient China also use fatal 点穴 that kills their opponent by hit the exact acu-points too
    2)I agree the prequel fighting is more Asian where episode 4 – 6 (New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of Jedi) is European。 However there is one scene from Empire where Darth Vader stops Han Solo's blaster beam and pulls his blaster. Very Asian martial art inspired

  2. Ok, so long story that I will try to make… abridged. When I was in college I was ticked off because my History of Costume class (I was a fashion major) never covered any traditional clothing from Asia (or South America, or Africa, for that matter) so I did 2 powerpoint presentations on historical clothing from various Asian countries (first presentation I covered Mongolia, China, Korea, and Japan, second presentation I covered Armenia, Russia, India, and Vietnam). Queen Amidala's costume when she goes to plead Naboo's case to the Senate is almost identical to traditional Mongolian clothing…
    I thought that was super cool.

  3. Star wars was not inspired by any asian country, why do asians always try to claim things. It was inspired by Nazi Germany, and the US revolution "which is why the empire tends to have an english accent".

  4. Here's another way Star Wars was inspired by Asia; The First Order are a Military Dictatorship who want war and destruction. China is controlled by a Military Dictatorship who want war and destruction.

  5. To be honest, the concept of Qi didn't just come from Taoism. It came from Hinduism a few hundred years ago and Hindu Kystrias (Warriors) and Yogis (Mystics) have been using these techniques for hundreds of years.

    It was this knowledge which went to China through the Silk Road and taught to the locals through Buddhist monks (who later come to be known as Shaolin Monks).

  6. Yoda also comes from yada in Hebrew which means to Know, and Darth Vadar comes from the 12th month on the Jewish calendar Adar or Veadar (February-ish )which means cold and dark so Dark Vadar is a Dark Adar. oh this is 5 ways Star Wars was also inspired by Jews.

  7. "The racist part"… because speech is a function of race. White Japanese totally pronounce English correctly due to their genetics, just like all yellow Americans speak Japanese fluently, since language ability is coded into human genes.

  8. Lightsabers are not really katana-based imo. They are often wielded with one hand, plus the fact that they are straight swords. Katanas were curved, and wielded primarily with both hands. They are more like the Chinese Jian, if anything.


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