Some companies are trying to fulfil the long-cherished dream of making a car that can fly. But how practical or affordable will they be?
This is part of the BBC series The Disruptors

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  1. Flaying car is definitely coming to town as the price drops , more and more people are willing to explore new way to commute .
    Lack of rules is playing catch up with this new beast

  2. We better hope flying cars don't ever work.  Why?  Ever live near a freeway?  Sucks right?  Well if cars can fly, we WILL ALL LIVE UNDER A FREEWAY…  Goodbye quiet days on the back deck barbequing… or anything else quiet or private in your yard…

  3. Govt shoud say if ur car runs on batteries and not on fossil fuel & Fly's . Then we will permit it. If not Air gets fucked up in all cities on planet & it would be irreversible damage once such cars are made and allowed.

  4. Most "flying cars" I've seen are pretty much just prototype airplanes with bigger wheels, road suspension and folding wings and barely resemble a car at all.
    And no, I don't think so, "flying cars" will never be a product for the masses, it will always be a niche market (when compared to the automobile) dedicated only to companies and/or to heavily trained professionals governed by very strict security rules and limited to very specific areas (airports, aerodromes).
    I'm really not seeing millions of people taking into the skies every morning and landing at the parking lot of their working place, at least not with the technology currently available for aviation!…

  5. This will never come to reality because of arrogant leadership wanting to control society of other countries, Like Putin and ING from China. Just ask yourself why is China and Russia building arms to try to take over the fossil fuel industry.

  6. And where is the world going to get all the lithium to make batteries for cars and aircraft? They are called rare earth metals for a reason. Shhhhhhhhh! Can't get huge government funding if you let that one out of the bag.

  7. Nope. Airspace is already congested, and those who are up there are highly trained and even then, they do mistakes. Imagine the average joe flying around in his/her flying VW golf with wings?not happening. Most people cant even handle cars with the maturity and respect for others in the road, imagine in the air…

  8. As if you want your idiot neighbor flying around in a guided missile. Bad enough they can "guide" one while planted on the ground. Now they should have the opportunity to drop out of the sky into your living room? This crap better be AUTONOMOUS or I better be allowed to have AA in my front yard.

  9. Flying cars will take off when the wing surface can be minimized to a convenient size. The foot print of conventional aviation is still to big and rotorwing aircraft do not get to take advantage of potential energy stored in things like wind and hot wind.

  10. I dont believe travel will remain free much longer.
    All forms of autonomous automotive transport will be commercially or civically owned in the name of safety.
    We will no longer have the ability to go anywhere at anytime on a whim it will be appointment or only public mass transit in urban areas.

  11. They will be just a 'Rich Man's Toy'. When they eventually come, the successful ones will be 100% automatic pilot, vertical take off and landing, and only represent a minuscule spec in numbers compared to regular cars.

  12. Without proper changes to laws and infrastructure, none of this will be wide spread. The same people who use helicopters would use this as they have to follow all the same laws as any other ultralight aircraft.

  13. There is a cost to defeating gravity. For that reason I don't believe the average family will have flying cars. They are a niche between cars and airplanes, therefore the market is limited. There will always be applications where they make some sense though.

  14. Nonsense. Anyone that seriously thinks flying cars will become a means of mass transit should go take a 15' boat, 3 miles off shore in 3' foot seas and get a healthy dose of mother nature in even just slightly moderate adverse conditions in a "personal transport vehicle"

  15. By law they would be restricted to below 500ft which puts them below some sky scraper.
    They would also be at risk of colliding with Police and other commercial helicopters who operate at low altitudes.
    So no, these are toys for rich people.


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