Children frequently ingest small objects and naturally parents worry about the consequences.

Six paediatricians from the UK swallowed Lego as part of an experiment to see how long it takes to pass through the human body.

We spoke to one at the University of Leicester to find out more…including why?!

Please don’t try this at home.

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  1. This comment needs to be at the top for everybody to see. Beware of Buckyballs around children. Google them. They're magnetic beads. If a child swallows two or more of these, it could cause irreversible damage, or kill your kid. BE CAREAFUL!!!

  2. Using podcasts and YouTube to play hypnotic suggestions and inflict schizophrenia just like you used to do in Morrisons during shopping.A television rapist and your target will see you in court.

  3. But…. if the whole purpose is seeing how long a substance takes to pass through the intestines why couldn’t they have just done the beet test? .. same idea but less freaky than swallowing a piece of plastic and doesn’t require sifting.

  4. This is helpful if u over 25
    And u swallow legos for attention
    Kids immune system might not even be able to deal with it. Smh and I bet a few parents saw this and their kid right now has at least 3 legos stuck in the stomach

  5. Doctors don't understand anything they prescribe at any meaningful level. Ask your GP to explain in detail the side effects of any drug and you will need to see a specialist. It's so sad. It's such a con.


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