In 2001, hundreds of people pour into the Lonz Winery on Middle Bass Island in Ohio for a Fourth of July celebration. Leon Wyszynski and his wife Mary Jane dine with friends on the terrace. Suddenly, the terrace gives way beneath them. One hundred people plummet 20 feet into the winery’s cellar.

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When disaster strikes and tragedy seems certain, there is only one hope – Critical Rescue – highly trained teams of paramedics, rescuers and doctors. Their jobs are dangerous, their rescues dramatic. But for the victims of a disaster, these courageous men and women are all that stand between life and death.

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  1. Naval rescue personnel are trained to save the most injured first & avoid the ones that are crying out to them to rescue them first instead, just like these medical personnel 39:02.

  2. I wonder abt stories of the people that were right next to the crack, but somehow didn’t fall through. That would be interesting to hear if someone grabbed them, or sheer luck.

  3. weird how everything ends up ontop of everyone.. I guess physics was right… everything falls at a similar speed…. but it almost seems like people fell and then concrete… or they fell through the concrete, thats probably more likely..

  4. You would think if the owners are building a terrace, there would be permits required and inspection of the construction. Unless no one calculated the weight of that many people on the terrace.

  5. Looks like the winery owners made the roof of the adjoining wine cellar into a terrace extending from the original verandah, without giving it sufficient reinforcement to deal with the extra weight. They deserve all the law suits they get.

  6. It makes me wonder…how many of the injured were actually in a sitting position as they were rescued? All the faces show that blood ran down from forehead to chin. If they were lying down, the blood would have ran to the ear area. Just an observation. Did anyone else think of that?

  7. Many errors came together that made this thing happen. First, when a small island always becomes inundated with tourists, there should have been a bigger presence of firefighters and EMTs on the island already before the tragedy. 2nd, of course was the most crazy part. How was the state of Ohio able to not have laws in place for year round inspections of buildings. Especially ones that were over 100 yrs old

  8. The couple and Beth were such sweet people and i'm glad they got better after that terrible ordeal .. god bless everyone and R.I.P. to the man who passed away .. everyone was brave that day x

  9. I looked it up… the real Lonz Winery is an amazing building – Spanish / Moorish Gothic with a Tower. The state of OH bought it a year after the collapse but it did not reopen (now as a state park) until 2017.


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